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Sustainability - PLT's Long-Term Commitment 

We've set ourselves ambitious sustainability targets, and we've made great progress in addressing labour rights, and the environment.
Adopting good agricultural practices. Tackling complex socioeconomic challenges in tobacco-growing communities and caring about our environmental footprint. We aim to be a world-class company in all areas of social responsibility.
Our sustainability efforts touch on every aspect of our value chain – from the farmers who grow tobacco to the 150 000 markets worldwide who choose our products.


Committed to Good Agricultural Practices

PLT strives to improve the lives of 550 000 people who rely on farm work: through sustainable farming, better livelihoods for farmers, and for fighting to end child labour.

Upholding Labour Rights on Farms

Ensuring fair and safe working and living conditions on all farms where we source tobacco.
We have continuously communicated our standards and expectations to farmers, and put in place the resources needed to understand the conditions on the farms and bring sensible solutions to problematic practices. 

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Email: admin@plugleaftobacco.co.zw
Phone: +263 712 555 551
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Whatsapp: +263 712 555 551